Turha potkia tutkainta vastaan


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  1. Dina Kirjoittaa:

    Thank you for this wonderful comic!
    And … can I ask for? I would like to try to translate it into Russian and publish translations into portal of comics (http://acomics.ru/comics). Of course, with the indication of the author and the links to the original comic strips on GoComics. Would you object to this? Do you have any conditions or requirements?

  2. samson Kirjoittaa:

    Hi Dina!

    I have no means to stop you (at least for the time being, ha ha), so be my guest! Oh, and links to the original GoComics strips would be great!

    Thanks for asking 🙂

    You can find some unauthorized ’russki-DSotH’ here: http://t.co/mKTWm8NJmY

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